Rattlesnake Choir
Live Music

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1. Live Music
2. The Midst Of My Gloom
3. That Look In Your Eyes
4. Caroline
5. I’ve Come To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
6. Can I Come Too
7. Lay Down Your Arms
8. The Wind Loves The Rain
9. Somebody New
10. Last Sexy City
11. Far Too Young
12. Like A Train
13. This Song For You

Release Date: Mar 2, 2008
Cousin Jeb Records

Produced by Rattlesnake Choir and Walter Sobczak

Recorded and Mixed by Walter Sobczak at Puck’s Farm

John Borra – Vocals, Guitar
Sam Ferrara – Cheese Grater, Slinky, Musical Saw
Tony Benattar – Bass, Dobro
Miranda Mulholland – Violin, Vocals
Treasa Levassuer – Piano, Accordion, Vocals


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