John Borra
Cassettes In Common

1.  Honestly Ed
2.  Wedding Bell
3.  Marie
4. October Night
5.  Old Nova Scotian
6.  Crying Heartache Misery
7.  Sleep
8.  Old Grey House
9.  Sunk In Glue
10. Trains

Release Date: Oct 21, 2022
Cousin Jeb Records

Produced by John Borra

Recorded and Mixed by John Borra

Recorded at Johnny MacLeod’s Place with the exception of:
Keys recorded by Michael Boguski
Lead Guitar on ‘Honestly Ed’ recorded by Mike Timmins
Lead Guitar on ‘Wedding Bell’ recorded by John Powers
Lead Guitar on ‘Sunk In Glue’ recorded by Steve Koch
BU Vocal on Sleep recorded by NYSSA

John Borra – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Derrick Brady – Bass, BU Vocals
Michael Boguski – Piano, Organ
Cleave Anderson – Drums
Sam Ferrara – Slinky, Cheese Grater, Bell, Tambourine
Miranda Mulholland – Violin, BU Vocal on Trks 3 & 10
NYSSA – BU Vocal on Trk 7
Mike Timmins – Lead Guitar on Trk 1
Scott McCullough – Lead Guitar on Trk 2
Johnny MacLeod – Lead Guitar on Trk 6
Steve Koch – Lead Guitar on Trk 9
Graham Mansfield – Mandolin

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