John Borra
Blue Wine

1.  Off My Feet
2.  Machu Picchu
3.  Seven Days
4.  The Wars
5.  Tonight
6.  Trace In The Wind
7.  Hambre And Dolores
8.  Blue Wine
9.  Way Back Home
10. Foggy Notion
11. Secret Time

Release Date: Jan 31, 2020

Cousin Jeb Records

Produced by John Borra

Recorded and Mixed by John Borra

John Borra – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica
Michael Boguski – Piano, Organ, Accordion
Dani Nash – Drums, Mandolin, Vocals
Glenn Milchem – Drums
Cleave Anderson – Drums
Tim Timleck – Drums
Sam Ferrara –Vocals, Slinky, Tambourine
Kevin Hearn – Organ, Piano

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