Rattlesnake Choir
The Prospector's Curse

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1. Slow Sad Blues
2. Near And Afar
3. When The Cows Come Home
4. Spaghetti Sunrise
5. Down For You
6. The Mob Gathers
7. The Posee
8. The Prospector’s Death
9. Now Pan You Fool
10. Rosie
11. The Final Prospect
12. The Prospector’s Curse

Release Date: Oct 2, 2015
 Cameron House Records

Produced by John Borra

Recorded and Mixed by John Borra

John Borra – Vocals, Guitar

Sam Ferrara – Cheese Grater, Slinky, Saw

Tony Benattar – Bass, Dobro

Michael Boguski – Piano, Accordion

Miranda Mulholland – Violin

Dani Nash – Vocals