Veteran of Toronto's Post-Punk and Roots scenes plays roots music for a new milenium.


Rattlesnake Choir
Live Music


1. Live Music

2. The Midst Of My Gloom

3. That Look In Your Eyes

4. Caroline

5. I've Come To Get My Baby Out Of Jail

6. Can I Come Too

7. Lay Down Your Arms

8. The Wind Loves The Rain

9. Somebody New

10. Last Sexy City

11. Far Too Young

12. Like A Train

13. This Song For You

Release Date: Mar 2, 2008
Cousin Jeb  Records

Produced by Rattlesnake Choir and Walter Sobczak

Recorded and Mixed by Walter Sobczak

John Borra - Vocals, Guitar
Sam Ferrara - Cheese Grater, Slinky, Musical Saw
Tony Benattar - Bass, Dobro
Miranda Mulholland - Violin, Vocals
Treasa Levassuer - Piano, Accordion, Vocals

© Copyright 2019 John

John Borra