Veteran of Toronto's Post-Punk and Roots scenes plays roots music for a new milenium.


John Borra Band


1. We Went Around

2. Babe You Make Me Smile

3. Beatle Bug

4. Big Brown River

5. Leave Me Alone

6. Blues Mama

7. Who’s Pickin’ On You

8. Algeciras

9. Sweet Mountain Grass

10. The Sirens

11. The Bells Rang

12. Eddy And The Black Sheep

13. I’ll Say So Long

Released: 1999
Cousin Jeb  Records

Produced by John Borra Band and Al Miller

Recorded and Mixed by Al Miller

John Borra - Vocals, Guitar
Colleen Hodgson - Bass, Vocals
Cleave Anderson - Drums
Steve Koch - Lead Guitar
James Gray - Hammond Organ
Luke Mercier - Violin

© Copyright 2019 John

John Borra