Veteran of Toronto's Post-Punk and Roots scenes plays roots music for a new milenium.


The Screwed
Green Haired Girl


1. Green Haired Girl

2. The Shaggs

3. Clarence Jonker

4. Red Line Man

5. Malcolm & Vivian

6. Getting Beat Up

7. Screamin’ Fist

8. Just One Foot In The Gutter

9. Picture My Face

10. Suzie Peroxide

11. Nothin’

12. Barbra

13. New York City

Released: 2014
Screwed Records

Produced by Peter J. Moore

Recorded and Mixed by Simon Less

Cleave Anderson - Drums
John Borra - Bass
Steve Koch - Guitar
Steve Saint - Lead Vocals
Mickey Skin - Backing Vocals
Sam Ferrara - Backing Vocals

© Copyright 2019 John

John Borra