Veteran of Toronto's Post-Punk and Roots scenes plays roots music for a new milenium.


Change Of Heart


1. Theme

2. Circle Of Season

3. Elevator

4. Away Goodbye

5. Herstory

6. Seamingly

7. 3 Word/4Letter

8. Trigger

9. Sleric’s Lip

10. What My Paws Can Move

11. Puppet Show Revival

12. All Sins Lead To Nowhere

13. Mardi Gras Bringdown

Released: 1995
Virgin Records

Produced by Change Of Heart

Recorded by Daryl Smith
Mixed by Joe Barresi

Ian Blurton - Vocals, Guitar
John Borra - Bass, Vocals
John R. - Drums, Vocals
Bernard Maiezza - Keyboards, Samples
Anne Bourne - Cello, Vocals

© Copyright 2019 John

John Borra