Veteran of Toronto's Post-Punk and Roots scenes plays roots music for a new milenium.


A Neon Rome
New Heroin

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1. Windowsill

2. The Magical Summer Of 85’

3. You Should Fear Us

4. Society Rag

5. Islam

6. The Prayer

7. Cums A Wolf

Released: 1987
New Rose Records (France)
Right Side Records (Canada)

CD Release: 2009
Cousin Jeb Records

(includes the previously unreleased ‘Bsus5’)

Produced by A Neon Rome & Andrew St. George

Recorded & Mixed by Andrew St. George, Le Mix

Neal Arbic - Vocals
John Borra - Bass

Kevin Niziol - Guitar, Piano
Bernard Maiezza - Keyboads
Ian Blurton - Drums
Ken Burchell - Drums (trk 6 & 7)

© Copyright 2019 John

John Borra